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It seems as though Gream is derived from Greame and Graham, even if Green is a common misspelling.

The Gream family history can be traced back to England in the 18th century, and in particular, the Isle of Thanet (where gravestones exist) and Kent. The family seems to have been involved in the church, and apparently ran a convent. The 'story' is that an ancester was involved in an 'accident' at Cambridge or Oxford University, and expelled. Apparently the whole affair was shameful to the family, and the ancester 'decided' to emigate. I am not sure how, or if, this accounts for the two pockets of Gream in the world: New South Wales, Australia, and Kentucky, United States of America. The 'story' may be ficticious or an embelishment, and even if true, records of the ancestor may not be available. I decided to collect a few items while living in England.

"Gream ancestry relating to Cambridge and Oxford University" (Ancestry, January 1998)
[thumb] This correspondence and these reproductions of archives establish the presence of Gream at St. Edmund Hall Oxford (1800), Magdalene College Cambridge (1838, 1875), and Trinity College Cambridge (1777, 1803). Although the archives and records are definitive in themselves, there may have been other attendance under different derivations of the name. It's also possible that if the particular Gream was expelled, then he will not show up in official records - a detailed investigation of newspapers and other material from the period would need to be undertaken.
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