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"Extended review: The BCS Practical Guide to Intellectual Property Rights in Software (2000)" (Public, October 2002)
[thumb] Reviews the BCS Practical Guide to Intellectual Property Rights in Software in the context of surrounding activities by the BCS and developments in the IPR landscape.
application-pdf review_bcs-ipr-sw-2000.pdf [90Kb]

"An Approach to implementing Website Notices" (Public, December 2002)
[thumb] This is a description of one particular approach to providing a comprehensive set of legal notices for a deployed website. This approach involves using a definitive primary notice covering the entire website, and a number of secondary notices associated, or embedded, with specific materials in the website. Each secondary notice describes, augments and refers back to the primary notice. The logistics of the approach are described, along with annotations of the notices used on a deployed website. While the author has some legal training, this work is offered on an "as is" basis, for which you use at your own risk. The work is a synthesis of (a) analysis of a large number of website notices, (b) literature on website legal issues, (c) author.s professional training in intellectual property law, and (d) author.s background in technology and operation of deployed website. WITHDRAWN

"A brief note on the reverse engineering of protected computer programs from a UK perspective" (Public, February 2003)
[thumb] This is a brief note about legal and technical perspectives of reverse engineering of protected computer programs under UK law. It is intended to be brief and sweeping, yet provide various references for further investigation.
application-pdf note_decompile-comp-prog.pdf [131Kb]

"An overview of EC Regulation 1/2003 as the new implementing regulation for the rules on competition laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty" (IPRI, March 2003)
[thumb] This paper provides an overview of the introduction of Regulation 1/2003, which replaces Regulation 17/62 as the primary instrument for the implementation of Treaty Articles 81 and 82 in respect of agreements, decisions and concerted practices. This new regulation is one outcome of the EU competition modernisation programme. The objectives of this paper are to: (a) review Regulation 17/62 as the existing primary instrument for the implementation of the rules of competition; (b) summarise DG COMP competition .modernisation. process that resulted in the development of Regulation 1/2003; (c) describe Regulation 1/2003 by detailed analysis with reference to changes from Regulation 17/62; and (d) examine the commentary on, and the prospective impact of, Regulation 1/2003, with primary reference to the UK. This paper represents the state of play as of March 2003, soon after adoption of the new regulation in December 2002, but before it has application in May 2004. As a result, the relevance of the material in this paper may change as the regulation begins to affect competition practices and enters use.
application-pdf overview_ec-reg-1-2003_paper.pdf [466Kb]
application-pdf overview_ec-reg-1-2003_slides.pdf [103Kb]
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"Trademark valuation: review in January 2004" (IPRI, January 2004)
[thumb] Trademark valuation is an increasingly important element in the management of intellectual property. This paper reviews the area by addressing the concepts and context for trademark valuations; specific circumstances where valuations apply; processes and methods used to perform valuations; a review of the current practice, issues and developments in the area; and a path for further reading. It necessarily wanders into values of brands and intangibles in general. The audience is expected to have a general familiarity with commercial and legal concepts.
application-pdf review_trademark-valuation-01-2004.pdf [96Kb]

"Intellectual Property Rights for Engineers, 2nd edition" (IEE, September 2005)
[thumb] This fully revised and updated edition of an essential reference work for technical professionals involved the contribution of a revised and updated chapter on the topic of EC/UK competition law, from a wide view of the landscape, to the detailed exemptions relevant to typical commercial engineering arrangements, drawing from relevant case law.
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