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Please refer to Communications section for professional and industrial software engineering work: these items are less substantial and were produced independently.

"Directory Digests v0.90" (CPAN, October 2002)
[thumb] Dirgest is a compact suite of development modules and operational scripts that provide a comprehensive ability to work with digests of file and directory sets. The modules provide building blocks for developers, while the scripts are directly useful for local host and web site administration. Primary applications are security and integrity.
compressed Dirgest-0.90.tar.gz [19Kb]
compressed Dirgest-20021114.tar.gz [28Kb]
text-html CPAN: Dirgest-0.90

"Website tools" (Public, January 2003)
Varous tools used in the administration of a website, in clean and useful form, including: perl Search Site tool, CGI diagnostics scripts, CGI/CLI accesslog scripts.
compressed SearchSite-0.90.tar.gz [4Kb]
compressed diagnostics-0.90.tar.gz [870b]
compressed processlog-0.90.tar.gz [5Kb]

"pppoa-udsl - GPL USB DSL PPPoA driver for POSIX-style Unix systems" (Public, December 2003)
[thumb] pppoa-udsl is an open-source, user-space, device-driver for USB DSL modems using the PPPoA protocol, such as the Conexant AccessRunner and the Alcatel SpeedTouch. It operates on POSIX-style Unix systems, including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD & GNU/Linux, and is available under the GNU GPL 2.0 license.
compressed pppoa-udsl-20031101.tar.gz [842Kb]