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My work since 1990 has involved software for communications systems in one form or another: mostly commercial mission-critical carrier-grade products involving all aspects of low to high level design, including architectural guidance and direction, through multiple release cycles, including occasional and necessary on-site troubleshooting and engineering support. Prior to this, and along side of this, I have engaged in various related activities.

"Various activities relating to bulletin board systems" (BBS, January 1992)
I operated RemoteAccess, Telegard/WWIV and Waffle systems; operated 0.97 Linux UUCP (incl. porting and setup); extensively renovated and customised WWIV; developed C & Pascal "doors" and extensions; and generally participated in the community.

"Various activities for HP/UX mission-critical radar control system" (Atlas Elektronik, June 1993)
I developed: a common multicast-IP communications layer, a VT52 terminal emulator for proprietary GUI, a transparent RPC mechanism for proprietary GUI, a kernel based SCSI device driver and was involved in contract preparation.

"UTS Miscellaneous Software Projects" (UTS, November 1995)
For various academic undergraduate projects, I developed, a distributed broadcast file-transfer application with novel bit-stuffing, various graphical numerical analysis programs, C based assembler for a proprietary ASIC CPU.

"UTS CSE Final Project: The Chocolate Factory" (UTS, June 1995)
[thumb] For my final undergraduate team project, I had shared responsibility (with 2) for architecture definition (systems, protocols, scenarios), and project management for a team of 15: established development processes and documentation, including revision control; developed a communications API and system-test emulators for use by development teams; and generally assisted in development activity, code reviews, design and development, testing and integration, and technical direction.
application-pdf uts_project_srcrev.pdf [132Kb]
application-pdf uts_project_commapi.pdf [118Kb]

"UTS CSE Final Thesis: Congestion Control in Wide-Area TCP Networks using BONeS" (UTS, November 1995)
[thumb] For my final undergraduate thesis, I developed a minimal (but functional) TCP implementation; a BONeS framework of building blocks for modelling wide area networks; and simulations to investigate TCP congestion control scalability issues -- resulting in (a) initial thesis report: project investigation/feasibility; (b) final thesis report: detailed information of activity; (c) final thesis presentation: overview, conclusions and directions.
application-pdf uts_thesis_report1.pdf [413Kb]
application-pdf uts_thesis_report2.pdf [4738Kb]
application-pdf uts_thesis_present.pdf [566Kb]

"Development for a commercial ISDN PC-card product" (Jtec, January 1996)
[thumb] For a commercial ISDN PC-card product, I developed a proprietary SLIP protocol to interconnect RTOS systems, mechanisms to spoof IPX packets and LAN bridging, proprietary NMS extension (GUI + embedded), various maintenance, installation activities.
application-pdf jtec_ipxspoof.pdf [195Kb]

"Development of next-generation multi-product telecommunications software architecture" (Jtec, January 1997)
[thumb] For a commercial telecommunications product, I developed a next-generation multi-product software architecture using C++, Rose, as technical lead, for processing heterogenous data sources, with dynamic and configurable embedded components, including requirements, high level design, low level interfaces, application notes, an implementation of the IETF RFC-908 RDP protocol, generic embedded task software components, testing and emulation stubs, a set of enterprise SNMP mibs with corresponding embedded C++ object wrappers around C based SNMP agent, serial data processing tasks, plus adapters and test loopback components, a build environment, coding standards, etc.
application-pdf jtec_rm_reqs.pdf [128Kb]
application-pdf jtec_rm_cnfg.pdf [482Kb]
application-pdf jtec_rm_intf.pdf [300Kb]
application-pdf jtec_rm_ini.pdf [191Kb]
application-pdf jtec_tp_design.pdf [360Kb]
compressed [253Kb]
application-pdf jtec_mib_descr.pdf [305Kb]
compressed [35Kb]
application-pdf jtec_mib_modules.pdf [27Kb]

"Various activities relating to an ETSI DECT protocol stack" (Cambridge Consultants Ltd., January 1998)
I developed an implementation of LU2/LU3 data transfer layer; participated in standards development; and developed then owned the software application for a client embedded device project implemented on the ARM platform.

"Various activities relating to a VME based protocol testing system" (Cambridge Consultants Ltd., January 1999)
I developed an RTOS VME device driver, upgraded O/S components, adapted new hardware, and generally owned the software aspects of a client project.

"Various development activities for network management product" (OSA, January 2002)
For the Orchestream Service Activator product, I acted as lead engineer for core product technical subsystems through multiple release cycles; initiated the product architecture working group; and generally contributed to aspects of product maturation and stabilisation prior to, and after, acquisition by MetaSolv Software Inc.