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'Tales from the Crypt' was a combination radio and print production devised and executed by Matthew Gream and Rosie Cross to explore issues of technology and privacy at the time of the US Clipper Chip controversy.

It aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National features and documentary program 'Radio Eye' on 12th June 1994; was published in Hyper Magazine in April 1994; along with 21C; and extracts were used in various other publications and on Geekgirl's webzine.

I received a prestigious 1995 Michael Daley Award for Excellence in Science, Technology and Engineering Journalism for the print version.

"Tales from the Crypt" (ABC Radio National "Radio Eye", June 1994)
[thumb] The publicity announcement and postcard were circulated prior to the broadcast. The transcript was made after the production and reprinted (in part) elsewhere. A "crypto resources" information pack was produced and given to 'Radio Eye' for distribution to interested listeners. The article was published in Hyper Magazine.
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