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        Italy,  Bauhaus

From 1991 until 1995, I was involved with computer security, information security and cryptography. My activities were wide ranging, and included developing software, publishing in mainstream media, co-producing a radio documentary, involvement in cypherpunks, investigating legislation, informal consulting, literature/protocol research, and so on. This gave me a very thorough grounding in many aspects of information security.

"Australian Crypto Regulations" (Cypherpunks/AEWG, January 1994)
[thumb] While considering the marketability of a commercial software package (SACS) in 1994, I investigated the state of Australian cryptographic legislation through legal research and contact with relevant government departments (DSD, DIPOD, AGP, etc).
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I developed the Secure Asyncronous Communications System (SACS) software package as a proprietary plug-in communications layer that provided generic point-to-point security services (authenticity, confidentiality, reliability) over unreliable media. It was a proprietary protocol based upon async LAP and NIST SDNS SP3/SP4 specifications and sold commercially. Part of the package for producing message digests was made available to the public domain as "mdigest".

"Message Digest Library" (comp.sources.misc V41, February 2001)
[thumb] This library was released to the public domain in 1994. It was written in the 'C' language as part of the bottom end of a commercial software package (SACS).
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I also developed -- what were then -- novel password cracking programs (involving pre-computed information and distributed computing), simple bignum applications, and an Australian Cryptography FAQ (not completed). I was a member of IACR for a year, and collected numerous publications, specifications and books on cryptography. I authored a couple of articles and presentations, including fictional items.

"The internet opens up Email" (Open Systems Review, September 1994)
[thumb] Invited article to discuss the security of Internet E-mail and the use of PGP - please also refer to the work on Tales of the Crypt.
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"Cypherterrorists in 413Hn rail-gun ransom" (BBS distribution, June 1994)
[thumb] Short fictional item on the topic of cypher-terrorism, modelled as a future press release on a scenario of terrorists taking hold of international facilities.
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"The Defence Signals Directorate Directive" (Internet distribution, November 1994)
[thumb] It is a matter of public record that after the Royal Commission into the Australian security agencies, the government was asked to adjust and publish the directive for the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD). This is Australia's primary governmental organisation concerned with computer and communications security matters.
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"Choosing Constants for Diffie-Hellman" (Cypherpunks Mailing List, September 1994)
[thumb] Experimental distributed bignum application used to test candidate primes against stronger Rabin-Miller case, involved distributed client-server process for parallel processing.
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