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        Italy,  Bauhaus

From 1998 until 2000, I completed postgraduate studies in the History of Art at the University of Cambridge.

"History of Art assessment work" (Art History, June 2000)
[thumb] Many works were completed for assessment, and a few are provided here: "Review of Early Netherlandish Triptychs", "Mimesis in Plato & Pliny", "Drawing Reality", "Art, Belief & Experience in the Maori of New Zealand", "Futurist view of technology", "Renaissance workshops 0, 1, 2", "An excursion into the French landscape", and "Transformations in style". Some of these illustrate attempts to draw connections between Engineering and the History of Art.
application-pdf triptych.pdf [89Kb]
application-pdf mimesis.pdf [94Kb]
application-pdf reality.pdf [1025Kb]
application-pdf maori.pdf [4497Kb]
application-pdf futurist.pdf [314Kb]
application-pdf workshops_0.pdf [32Kb]
application-pdf workshops_1.pdf [98Kb]
application-pdf workshops_2.pdf [68Kb]
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application-pdf transformations.pdf [185Kb]

One area of focus was the Bauhaus, a design school (and subsequent movement) that came towards the end of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I was able to satisfy my interest through research and study experience in Germany during 1999.

I also travelled extensively to cultural sites around England, and completed the studies with a 6 month Grand Tour of Europe through Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. This involved visiting nearly all significant cultural sites, with a special interest in World Heritage, and reading on the history of Europe and the History of the World. It was a good opportunity to take time out and think about the future of technology.

During my 3 months of wandering through Italy, I read extensively, and visited hundreds of places from north to far south. In Naples and Sicily, I read Goethe, Robb and Tomasi di Lampedusa, whereas Morris was mainly a Venetian fling. I saw Italy through the minds of many, not just my own.